TLC Services

At Techno, upon request, following TLC “Techno LED Customization” services are available.
TLC-001 On/Off Occupancy Sensor Installation.
TLC-002 Daylight or Bi-Level Sensor Installation
TLC-003 Button Photocell Installation
TLC-004 Swivel Photocell Installation
TLC-005 1 Driver Installation
TLC-006 1 Driver Removal
TLC-007 2 Driver Installation
TLC-008 2 Driver Removal
TLC-009 Step-Down Transformer Installation
TLC-010 EM Battery Backup Installation
TLC-011 Optics Change-Out
TLC-012 277V Twist Lock Plug Installation
TLC-013 120V Straight Blade Plug Installation
TLC-014 Cord Length (we cut to you order requirements and ship separately unattached to

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