Saving Calculator

We have provided the Energy Savings Calculator below in order for you to get an estimate of the savings possible by using our premium quality SMD LED products. We recommend that you check your electric bill in order to get the actual kWh rate by your provider. This way you can do the comparison with more accuracy because some providers have different kWh rates based on usage tiers. The more you use, the higher the rates. If your provider charges multiple kWh rates then its best to add them up to get the total kWh rate. You should generally enter your highest tier into our calculator because any energy you save will save you the most money at the highest tiered rate.

Simply input the values below to get your estimate.

Your electricity cost, in $/kwh SAME
Wattage of incandescent bulb being replaced
Cost per incandescent bulb
Incandescent bulb life (hours)
Number of bulbs of this type being replaced SAME
Number of hours/day light is in use SAME
Savings per year
Payback in years

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