Lighting can represent 40-50% of commercial energy costs. In addition, the heat output of conventional lighting increases the cost of cooling large open buildings. LED High Bay and Low Bay Lighting presents an ideal, cost-effective solution to lower your energy and reduce carbon emissions.

HB Retrofit provides High Bay lighting and Low Bay LED lighting that offers immediate benefits and fast paybacks. LED lights are designed to last 50,000-100,000 hours which greatly reduce operating costs and eliminates labor required to service the lights.

Energy savings of up to 90%
Extremely long life
Durable, Maintenance-free operation
Reduces heat output from lighting
Reduce carbon emissions
High quality, brighter light increases productivity and safety
Sensors and controls provide maximum energy savings

High Bay and Low Bay applications are ideal for replacing standard lighting with energy efficient LED Lighting. Couple the energy savings with local utility company rebates and EPACT tax incentives, and you will find a typical payback of one to two years with an average 10-12x lifetime ROI.

Let HB Retrofit show you how to save up to 90% off your lighting bill while reducing your carbon emissions.

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