The situation: Desert Gardens Properties was looking for a cost-efficient lighting solution that would still deliver the level of light needed to maintain safety and security at night for both their Desert Garden Apartment complex, and their adjacent mini storage facility.

The solution: Arizona Public Service (APS) saved the company over $25,000 in annual energy and maintenance costs retrofitting their property with energy efficient LED lighting. On top of that, utility rebates through Arizona Public Service (APS) and federal tax incentives provided DG Properties over $30,000 of the total cost of the project.

Better Lighting Means Increased Security

Properties like apartment complexes and mini storage facilities require ample lighting to provide security and safety for residents and tenants throughout their property after dark. The HID Metal Halide lighting DG Properties were using was both an energy drain and a constant maintenance hassle because of the hard to reach lighting that needed replacement every 2-3 years. What they wanted was a lighting retrofit solution that would reduce maintenance costs, improve lighting and provide a safer more secure environment for their tenants.

What our certified EEPros Alliance member provided met their criteria, exceeded their expectations and increased the value of their property. DG Properties will recoup the entire cost in just two years!

Check out all the details below!

Goal: Improve lighting, reduce cost and maintenance
Benefits: Increase property value, increase safety and security in order to attract and maintain tenants
Results: A cost-saving, energy-efficient retrofit lighting solution that will pay for itself in just over two years!

Desert Gardens Apartments Glendale AZ


43 Packing Lot Fixtures
112 Wall Pack Fixtures

Mini Storage Facility Glendale AZ


1 Parking Lot Fixtures
60 Wall Pack Fixtures



Cost per kWh : $.11

Annual kWh Reduced

Current: 211,621
New: 28,156
Reduction: 183,465

Annual Energy Cost/Savings

New: $3,097
Current: $23,278
Savings per year: $20,181

Ten Year Cost/Savings (Assumes a 4% increase in energy rates per APS)

Savings per year: $269,764
Current: $333,482
New: $63,718

Total Savings Energy and Maintenance

Maintenance: $5,400
Energy: $20,181
Total Annual Savings: $25,581

Rebates and Tax Benefits

Tax Deduction Cash Value (Based on 35% tax bracket): $15,000
APS Rebate: $15,400
Total Rebate Incentives and Tax Benefits: $30,000

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