The TL-CW2 LED Emergency Exit Light is a high-quality product that provides reliable emergency illumination in case of power outages or fires. It features efficient LED lamp heads, an adjustable design, and a low-profile, attractive look. The product has a solid-state transfer switch that makes it versatile and code-compliant. It also has optional 12-LED heads and a self-diagnostic test feature to perform reliability tests. The product is UL listed for damp locations and has a five-year warranty on electronics and housing.

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The TL-CW2 LED Emergency Exit Light EM Series is a high-quality product designed to provide reliable emergency illumination in case of a power outage or fire. Featuring long-lasting, efficient ultra-bright white LED lamp heads, this product can deliver optimal light distribution thanks to its high-performance chrome-plated metalized reflector and plastic lens. The adjustable LED lamp heads also allow optimal center-to-center spacing, ensuring your space is adequately illuminated.

This low-profile design is an attractive addition to any space, and it can easily mount above doors to fit any application. Dual 120/277 voltage makes this product versatile, and the push-to-test switch ensures that this product is code-compliant.

The TL-CW2 LED Emergency Exit EM Series also features an internal solid-state transfer switch that automatically connects the internal battery to the LED board and lamp heads for at least 90 minutes of emergency illumination. The injection-molded, engineering-grade, 5VA flame-retardant, high-impact-resistant thermoplastic housing is available in a white or black finish, making it a stylish and practical choice for any space.

Optional HL: 12-LED heads provide increased center-to-center spacing. At the same time, the SDT self-diagnostic test feature performs monthly, biannually, and annual tests to ensure reliable operation and meet electrical and life safety codes. This product is UL listed for damp locations and has a five-year warranty on all electronics and housing. The battery is also pro-rated for five years.

Overall, the TL-CW2 LED Emergency Exit EM Series is a must-have solution for anyone looking for reliable emergency illumination. This product will surely exceed your expectations with its efficient LED lamp heads, solid-state transfer switch, and stylish design. Get yours today and experience the peace of mind of being prepared for anything.



    • Combining LED exit illumination with reliable LED lamp heads,


    • this attractive low-profile design offers maintenance-free, long life


    dependable service. Easily mounts above doors and in restricted spaces to fit any application.

Specification Features

Dual 120/277 voltage. Charge rate/power “ON” LED indicator light and push to test switch for mandated code compliance testing. 9.6V Long-life, maintenance-free, rechargeable NiCd
battery. free, rechargeable NiCd battery. Internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects the internal batteryto LED board and lampheads for minimum 90-minute emergency illumination.

Technical Summary





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