What is IP Rating? and Understanding IP Rating for LED Outdoor Lights.

what is IP Rating?

IP ratings evaluate the protection offered by electrical enclosures against the intrusion of dust, solid objects, water, and other potentially damaging substances. For LED Outdoor lights, IP ratings play a critical role in ensuring their resilience in various environments and applications.


Understanding the IP Rating System:

The IP rating system consists of two digits, each representing different types of protection. The first digit indicates protection against solid objects, while the second digit represents protection against water. Higher numbers indicate a greater level of protection.


Solid Objects Protection:

The first digit ranges from 0 to 6, with 0 meaning no protection and 6 signifying complete protection against dust and other solid particles. In commercial lighting, it is essential to consider the protection required against dust, dirt, and foreign particles that could infiltrate the internal components, compromise performance, and contribute to premature failure.

IP Rating, Solid Object Protection and water resistance


Water Resistance:

The second digit ranges from 0 to 9, with 0 indicating no protection and 9 offering resistance against high-pressure, high-temperature water jets. In a commercial setting, LED lights face various challenges, such as water splashes, humidity, and occasional exposure to water. Therefore, selecting an appropriate IP rating that mitigates these risks is crucial to ensure the longevity and reliability of the lighting fixtures.


Common IP Ratings for LED Outdoor Lights:

While different commercial spaces have unique requirements, IP65 and IP66 ratings are commonly recommended for LED Outdoor lights as they offer robust protection against dust and water exposure. These ratings are particularly suited for outdoor lighting such as sports lighting, parking lot lighting, street lighting, pathway lighting, wall washers, flood lights, and other applications requiring high-performance lighting.


IP65: This rating ensures complete protection against dust and low-pressure water jets, making it ideal for outdoor applications prone to dust accumulation and occasional rain exposure. LED outdoor lights with an IP65 rating can effectively withstand outdoor weather conditions, including sprinkler systems, without compromising illumination quality.


IP66: Offering superior dust resistance and protection against high-pressure water jets, LED lights with an IP66 rating can withstand heavy splashes and even temporary submersion. These lights are ideal for demanding environments such as industrial facilities, construction sites, public parks, and gardens with high humidity, or water usage.

IP Rating Chart- Tektron

Thank you for learning about the different IP ratings for outdoor LED lights. When choosing LED lights for your next project, consider the level of protection you require based on the conditions in which your lights will be used. Check out our website for specific product specs to know what kind of waterproofing our products offer.


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