Given today’s economy and increased competition from foreign competitors, outsourcing, just-in-time inventory demands, heightened government regulations and shrinking budgets manufacturing plant, facility and distribution managers need to do everything they can to protect the bottom line. Even small gains in efficiency can lead to significant savings.

Energy is a large component of manufacturing costs. Replacing outdated lighting systems with more efficient, environmentally-friendly LED lighting solutions can make a significant impact on the bottom line by reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements, while improving on-the-job safety and employee productivity.

To help you access your potential savings, Our energy professionals will conduct a free, on-site, no obligation Energy Audit to help you maximize your profits.

Getting Down To Business

The pressure is on for industrial facilities to improve operational efficiencies and productivity, as well as meet quality targets, environmental standards, customer expectations and financial goals.

Better lighting is a valuable tool for brightening industrial prospects. New, efficient LED lighting offers immediate ways to improve output while reducing maintenance costs and cutting energy use. Properly illuminated workspaces help drive the efficiencies and solutions vital to manufacturing executives:

Productivity: Comfortable, bright facilities enhance employee alertness, motivation and performance
Safety: Well-lit environments are safer and minimize hazards
Profitability: Control facility operational costs and overhead in the face of shrinking budgets
Sustainability: Reduce your facility’s carbon footprint, environmental impact and waste
Quality: A properly illuminated operating environment can help reduce production errors

By reducing energy loads and waste, an LED Lighting retrofit from TechnoLED can save you money on energy and maintenance, and create a safer, more productive workplace. Sustainable lighting also helps factories with environmental laws, standards like ISO 14000, and management programs like the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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